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. This page is for placing some of your works like stories,art, etc. so here are a few of my stories, many are still a work in progress, please enjoy!

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Here is a little bit of what I am writing. A whole bunch of fantasy stuff. Full Chapter! Currently rewriting it.

Updated and revised and renamed.
Hear is something funny for all to see. Laugh like you haven't laughed before.

The name isn't really "The Dress up Nightmare" It's actually named differently. So this is actually a TG meant to scare you and give you nightmares and perhaps feel a little sick. Hope you enjoy it.

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Author: Deathbewithyou

Here's a few poems I wrote about how much I hate poetry.
O how I hate thee, poetry,
To bend over books
And study thy looks
O how it is boring to me!
Day after day I think on thy ways
It's what I am forced to do;
Someday I'll escape;
Someday I'll rise.
To poetry, I'll never be true!
O I despise thee, Poetry,
To memorize herds
Of nonsensical words
O how I wish to be free!
Time after time,
I read with my eyes
The junk I am forced to learn.
I will make my escape
When the bird Southward flies.
For my schoolbooks I shall never yearn!
Author: Jake297


There will be days when you feel like,
you can't go on and you'll stumble on.
There will be days when you feel as if,
life just can't be sweet or sour, it just is.
There will be days when your strength will fail,
when you'll give up and just fall down.
There will be days when you want to die,
when you wonder why you are alive.
And there will be days when you feel like,
the sun on a summer day.
There will be days when you hear a,
song in your heart play.
And it will say...
Carry, carry on! Don't, don't look back!
The past is behind, the future ahead
don't you give up, don't you lay dead!
This can't last forever. This can't live on.
You will overcome and live for the good
days, you will overcome and learn to smile
and to pray...
Carry, carry on! Don't, don't look back!
The past is behind, the future ahead!
Author: Murasaki9

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