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Deathbewithyou's picks:

Making links to christian videos yeah!
So this video isn't really christian and has no message to it, but it is extremely funny and I suggest you watch it.
The Puppet by PatSmith
So these videos are all funny, but they have a message with them. Have fun watching and please remmember the message!
Skit Guys: The Chisel

Be inspired by these videos:

Change The World

Here are some videos for easter, feel the love!
The Skit Guys: On The Way to The Cross

The Skit Guys Good Friday

Hey everyone! I would like to encourage you to invite a friend to church!
Invite 2

So this is some sort of show called the good life. Please enjoy!
The Good Life Christian Comedy CartoonSeason 1-Tim Tebow's heart part 1 of 4
I know the name is long. And here is part 2:
That Good Life Christian Comedy Cartoon Season 1 - 1st Episode! - Tim Tebow's Heart Pt. 2 of 4 - Comedy Videos
And part 3
That Good Life Christian Comedy Cartoon Season 1 - 1st Episode! - Tim Tebow's Heart Pt. 3 of 4 - Comedy Videos
Part 4 final
That Good Life Christian Comedy Cartoon Season 1 - 1st Episode! - Tim Tebow's Heart Pt.4 of 4 - Comedy Videos

Christian music here!
Third Day:
God is not Dead
Casting Crowns:
Be Courageous!
Mercy Me:
I can Only Imagine
Mathew West:
One Last Christmas
Anyone like christian rap? Well look at this here!
Salvation - I Believe In Christ (Official Music Video)

Joe96's Picks:

Trailer for Romero (1989), a very well done movie chronicling true events about government-sponsored genocide in El Salvador in a fairly recent setting (I believe that to some extent, events similar to these still take place) and it shows how an individual (Archbishop Oscar Romero) can cause very significant change. If you would like to purchase the movie, you can find the DVD for around $15 or rent it for $2 on

Trailer for Miracle at St. Anna (2008). This movie has a lot of historical value and cultural relevance, and in my opinion, is a very good story.

MacFan1's Picks:

Christian bands/artists I like:
Thousand Foot Krutch
Christian bands/artists I hate:
Shawn Mcdonald
Wake Up Starlight
Jars of Clay
Need to Breath
Third Day
I also don't like hymns.

Jake297's Picks:
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My fav music:

I know Christmas isn't for a while, but here's a song for it.

(and another)

(more to come soon)
ShinyCowBeast's Picks:__
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