Mar. 13

Just a reminder, the election for the 6th council member is still going. It ends on April 1st, so be sure to place your vote. Place your vote here. Also, if you wish to become the Vice president, click here and click on the "Why Should Someone Be Vice President" page and post your campaigning speech. If you do not wish to become the Vice President, you may ask the candidates questions of why they should get the office. The election will begin sometime after the election for the council member is over.
Mar. 14

If you wish to have a prayer request of your posted on the Prayer List page, please contact Deathbewithyou or one of the Christian Council. A clan debate has been planned for March 17th, at the "Christianity and Atheism" thread on at the time of 7 PM Central Time. So, if you want to school some atheist, be there!
Mar. 15
Currently running is the election for the Armor of God Vice President. To place your vote, look beneath the Council member poll on this page.
Mar. 17
The debate on the "Christianity and Atheism" thread on is tonight at 7 PM central time.
The debate on the 17th went well. To discuss it, please visit the topic on the homepage "17th's Debate".
Nothing new has really happened. We recently had 2 new members of the Wiki, Mursaki9 and Matrixdiscoking, so make sure to make them feel welcome. The clan is rapidly growing, which means we will select a vice president for the clan by May 1st. To place your vote, visit this page.
AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! OUR WEBSITE HAS BEEN HACKED!!!!! IT NO LONGER EXISTS!!!!! Wait... If you are reading this, then how is the website nonexistent? Wait another minute... APRIL FOOLS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Admit it, I got you. Now down to business. Shinycowbeast has recently been elected as the 6th member of AoG clan council. Please extend your congratulations to our new Council member.
April. 5
Recently formed is the officers information page. This page shows info on all the people that hold an office in the Armor of God Christian Clan. If you hold an office (i.e. Council, Pres., librarian, etc.), please talk about yourself, and maybe even post a picture. Kind of a profile page.
April. 6
Jake297 has began construction of the page(s) that will hold the entire Bible on our site. Check his progress here.
April. 8
Happy Easter! After more than 2 days of being in the dark, our wiki has returned to it's brighter theme to commemorate the rising of Jesus.

May 1
Polls for clan vice president close. Council Member Joe96 is inducted as the clan's new vice president.

May 13
Happy Mothers day everyone! I hope you have had a great mothers day with your mother!

May 18
Every Friday at 2:00PM and 6:00PM and saturday at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM is game day! Come to the chosen game that the council or President has chosen for the entire clan to play! The rooms name is always AoGcc so be sure to look for that. Also the code will be the same as the room name! This week we are playing Shell shock live!

August 3
Well, those old, crummy links will soon be gone after Joe puts in some new picture links at the top of the homepage. Depending on how they look, it may be a temporary change before swapping out better-looking titles

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